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March 13, 2023

Darren tackles the age-old problem of finding time for exercise and maintaining fitness in our busy lives. In a world where we are bombarded with messages about the perfect body
Darren Lee takes aim at the yearly #NewYearNewYou online fitness promises and dives deep into what actually affects physical change within one's fitness routine by exploring his own yearly fitness
Darren Lee addresses the new trends popping up around the indoor cycling world and discusses why they are both useless and dangerous.
Don't be fooled by the title of this blog, Darren does NOT spend the next 300 words talking specifically about long jumping in a blog about cycling, but rather discusses
Darren Lee, a trainer on Ciclozone, an indoor cycling app
From saddle soreness to the infamous numb bum, there are a number of minor drawbacks when choosing a bike for your fitness needs. Darren Lee walks us through a few
In this third and final instalment of Darren Lee's Keto blog series, he dives into how to implement the Keto diet and how it affects your body.
In the second instalment to Darren's Keto blog series, he begins to list the main challenges that Keto poses for cyclists and outlines whether of not it's the right nutritional
Darren Lee discusses how his move to Southern Spain changed his attitude to foods and his understanding of nutrition forever as he explores the 'Keto' diet and how it forces
Whether it’s a two-week planned holiday to the beach or moderate respiratory infection, there is nothing worse than seeing your hard-fought gains fading away because of everyday situations. Karyn Silenzi
Darren Lee takes a look back over his many years of cycling reminding us that being a cyclist means your journey is never at an end, so you can always

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