Everything you need to know to get the most out of training with CicloZone – the indoor cycling app.

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Can I try CicloZone out prior to purchasing?

For sure register an account free at www.ciclozone.com and receive a 30-day trial! After this trial is ended you can pay for your CicloZone subscription either monthly or annually.

How often are new classes available on CicloZone?

New workouts are uploaded every week. You can see these in the main library or you can take the recommended ride from your Ciclo Ai trainer.

Do I need internet to connect to CicloZone?

You can connect your bike and ride a free ride to your own music without an internet connection within the app. This will collect your data as normal and is a good option sometimes If you want to ride at your own pace to your own favourite tunes. If you want to ride to a CicloZone or CicloMetrics  session though you will need to connect to the internet by WiFi.

Do I need specialist riding clothing and shoes to ride with CicloZone?

No, you can simply ride in standard gymwear, however if you are going to spend more time in the saddle you may want to consider investing in some padded cycle bib shorts and maybe some cleated cycle shoes.

What kind of classes are available on CicloZone?

CicloZone has many different styles of classes including performance, challenge and tempo, all of different intensities classified by our unique intensity metric, COL% or CicloZone Output Level. Use the COL% to choose the correct ride for your day and compete against the level of the class interval by interval to gain success in your ride.

How do I get started with CicloZone?

When you first install the CicloZone app our Ciclo Ai will onboard you with some simple questions and award you with an initial virtual FTP (Functional Threshold Power) figure and also an FTHR (Functional Threshold Heart Rate) figure. From this point you can connect your bike or sensors and ride.

What kind of Bike do I need to ride CicloZone?

You can ride CicloZone on any bike. We connect to all Bluetooth enabled smart bikes and trainers and even if you have a non connected bike you can connect by simply adding an Bluetooth RPM sensor to your bike and if wanted a HR sensor on your body, or you can simply ride the Ciclo sessions in a traditional way unconnected.


How do I ride a CicloZone class and what do the zones and mean?

Riding in a CicloZone session is super easy. You can ride unconnected as a traditional indoor cycle class or you can connect with your Bluetooth bike or sensors to ride in the zone. CicloZone uses the traditional five training zone standard method however unlike all other indoor cycle training platforms we recognise the importance of RPM and we reward riders for riding in the correct intensity zone at the correct RPM. You will ride at 5 different intensity levels represented by 5 coloured zones and they are....


Zone 1 is displayed as white. It should feel very easy and used for resting.


<55% FTP. / 50-60% HRMax


Zone 2 is blue and is our light intensity active recovery aerobic zone.


56% - 75% FTP /. 60-70% HRMax


Zone 3 is green and is our moderate intensity lactate energy zone. At this zone, you begin to feel some intensity.


76% - 90% FTP. / 70% - 80% HRmax


Zone 4 is the yellow zone, and it will feel hard as it represents the limit of your threshold levels of intensity. You will feel tested at this level aerobically and feeling the intensity more in your legs as it becomes much more challenging.


90% - 105% FTP. / 80% - 90% HRmax


Zone 5, the red Zone, is the highest and most challenging zone! We don’t spend a lot of time in this
zone as the intervals tend to be shorter as it is beyond our current ability to maintain.


106% - 150% FTP. / 90% - 100% HRMax

Can I ride CicloZone in different ways with different instructors on screen?

Short answer is yes. You can ride the CicloZone classes in standard CicloZone virtual instructor format with different instructors, even in different languages. You can also ride all of our sessions in CicloMetrics format with no virtual instructor but with full rider metric data information on screen all through the ride for those riders who really love riding to that data.....


What is COL% and how do I 'Beat the Class'?

As well as riding in the &#39;Zones&#39; you can also try to &#39;Beat the Class&#39;. Each class is given its own COL% (CicloZone Output Level) intensity. Class COL% levels begin low at around 65% and go as high as 88%. The COL% is set by our onboard Ai training system based on the difficulty level of a session in terms of Zonal Intensity, RPM in those Zones and whether you are seated or standing.... you can challenge yourself to beat the class COL% with your Rider COL% by staying in the correct Zonal
intensity and also the correct RPM ..... We make this easy as all the RPM levels for all intervals is the same as BPM (beats per minute) of the music.

How will I know if I have Beaten the Class?

When connected to the class with a Bluetooth enabled bike or sensors you will see two horizontal bars at the bottom of the screen. The top bar is green and that is your rider COL% and below that you will see the class bar which is red and this is the class COL%. If you are successful in intervals then the green rider% bar will stay level or ahead of the red class% bar and at the end of the class if you are ahead of the Class you will have 'Beaten the Class'.

Can I pause a session if I need to take a break?

Yes there is a pause option to allow you to take a break, maybe a short rest, and then you can resume at any time.

Are there any rest points in a class?

Yes, any white zone is not calculated for or against your COL% score against the class. White zones are rest zones....

Does CicloZone analyse my performance?

Yes, due to the unique intensity metric COL% we can guage your performance against the class and then compare your results based on your own personal rider profile to recommend when we feel you need an increase or even a decrease in FTP. This recommendation will follow a class ride when the Ciclo Ai calculates your results. These changes happen over a period of time and only when your results warrant a change.


What do the dials mean on screen in a class?

The three larger dials on the left of the screen let you know everything about the current interval and the smaller dials to the right of them, the next interval. The top dial is the Zonal intensity information, the middle dial is the RPM and rider position dial and the bottom dial is the interval time and countdown of that interval.

What does the graph mean at the bottom of the screen?

The 'Class Profile' at the bottom of the screen is a visual representation of the entire class giving you an idea of what intervals are coming later in the ride. The profiler is made up of intervals of different colours and widths representing the zonal intensity and ride times of those intervals. As the class passes the intervals ridden will turn grey behind the class Timeline.

How do I know if Im getting more powerful and succeeding?

If you are successful at beating the class by large amounts of COL% or consistently by smaller amounts then our Ciclo Ai will calculate your improvements and at some points when you upload your post ride data you may be awarded with an FTP or FTHR badge increasing your level. You can either accept or dismiss this award but it is a confirmation of your success in your rides. As well as increasing your level the Ciclo Ai may award a badge advising you to accept a reduction in your levels if you haven't been so successful in your session or sessions. Again... You can accept or dismiss this award.


How do I connect my Bluetooth devices?

On the main library screen you will see a blue button named ‘Bluetooth Devices’. If you press the button you will access our Bluetooth pairing screen where the app will search for any Bluetooth devices nearby. When your device name appears you can pair simply by pressing the device name tag and this will fix the connection to the app. You are able to connect two bike devices such as power and RPM sensors and one HR sensor. A Bluetooth enabled bike will normally connect both power and RPM in a single connection. If you are in an environment with multiple bikes or sensors then our Bluetooth proximity system will always place the Bluetooth sensors closest to the smart
device at the top of the available devices list.

When I have connected my Bluetooth bike or sensor I see new graphic dials in the centre of the ride screen.... What are they?

When you connect a Bluetooth enabled bike or sensors to your CicloZone class and begin a ride you will see dials appear in the centre of the screen. These dials are your Rider connected dials which tell you exactly what RPM you are riding at and also your zonal intensity based on your resistance. The dials will also guide you to the correct RPM and zone for your current interval. Best practise is to hit the correct RPM first and then change your resistance to the correct zone... Once you have both you
are 'Beating the Class'!!


If I don't have a Bluetooth bike can I still get connected on a CicloZone class?

If you have an indoor bike but it is not Bluetooth enabled then you can still get connected to CicloZone sessions. Our COL% works by connecting a simply RPM sensor to the pedal crank arm of your bike and connect a Bluetooth HR monitor for the zones. Our Ciclo Ai will realise you are riding with HR and not Power zones and calculate the zones accordingly. Below are a couple of example Amazon links for sensors to get you connected.

Bike cadence sensor

HR Sensor Magene


Where do I see my post ride data?

At the end of a ride at any point during the final white zone cool down period you can press the white cross in the top right corner of your screen and finish your session. This will stimulate the data upload and CicloZone will present you with a resume of you class results. These can either be saved or deleted at this point depending on whether you are happy with your results. Once saved they will enter your historical ride data analytics section where they can be viewed at any time. If deleted then... As far as anyone is concerned.... The ride never happened.

Can I share my Rides and Ride data on social media?

Your post ride data screen comes with a dedicated share button for sharing your data on any of your social media accounts or even simply in a personal message to your friends and family.


Can I pay monthly?

Yes you can pay your subscription monthly or annually. Annual payments do have a discounted rate.

Can I Cancel at any time or am I contracted to a fixed term?

You are not contracted and you can cancel inapp at any time if you wanted to terminate your subscription

My partner would like to ride with CicloZone too.... Do they need another subscription?

No, we offer a subscription level called Ciclo Duo. This is a dual subscription which is cheaper than two separate subscriptions.

If I am having issues or need some advice then how can I contact an advisor?

As well as our social media groups which are amazing at supporting minor issues or understanding of the app you can also contact us here at CicloZone through our s[email protected] dedicated email address. A support advisor will return your mail.


How do I connect to my studio screen?

After connecting you bike or sensors to your CicloZone app as normal you can chose studio ride from the main library screen and add the studio code found on the screen in your gym or studio.

Will i see the class on my smart device in the studio?

No … the studio rider will see the class on the big studio screen however you will see the guided rider dials on your smart device telling you the Zone and RPM for each interval in the studio session and the data from your ride.

Will I still see my Rider Vs Class COL% bars?

Yes you will still be trying to ‘beat the class’ using the onscreen data and you will see the green and red progress bars at the bottom of the screen

Will I still get awarded FTP adjustments based on my performance?

Yes your progress will be overseen by the Ciclo Ai which will monitor results and award changes to your profile.

Can I still see and share my post ride results?

Yes you will still get the post ride results page with your COL% rings and metric data analysis.


How can I get more information about CicloZone or connect with other CicloZone riders?

You can simply become a part of the global CicloZone community on social media through Facebook and Instagram. Here are the links to our community pages where you will find lots of shared data posts and class recommendations from fellow CicloZone riders.


Will i see the class on my smart device in the studio?

No … the studio rider will see the class on the big studio screen however you will see the guided rider dials on your smart device telling you the Zone and RPM for each interval in the studio session and the data from your ride.