Why train with power?

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We all know that physical exercise is fundamental for maintaining our physical and mental well-being and there are multiple types of exercise we can enjoy to achieve this; from resistance training, yoga and HiiT classes to team sports such as football or rugby and, of course, cycling and indoor cycling.

The question I always ask when talking to anyone about their exercise regime is not what exercise they choose – they are all beneficial in their own way –  but what frequency and intensity do they train at? How much and how hard?

How much is enough to achieve the results you need and how much is too much, leading to burnout or, worse, injury?

In most areas of exercise this really is a finger in the air answer. It is very difficult to gauge exactly how hard you are working because it is always relative to you as an individual and the conditions and variables under which you are working.

In cycling however, this is an area that has been endlessly examined and perfected in pursuit of perfect cycling performance. With advances in technology and knowledge, we can now offer this pro level training to anyone riding a bike in any environment; from gym to road or home studio.

Activating your energy systems

The human body produces power from three energy systems. This energy production has a threshold level, above which we are operating beyond the limits of those systems.

If this ‘threshold’ equates to 100% of our power output at a functional level then, with an understanding of the specific physical benefits to our energy systems of training at different percentages of this threshold, we can create training power profiles of different power intensities and intervals to optimise physical gains within a training  period.

I’m sure that in the future, training shoes will be developed that measure power displacement through the sole, or swimsuits that measure power output travelling through water but, until then, cycling is the number one method for tracking your physical power output.

Why CicloZone?

By using a training platform like CicloZone, which is based on profiles created by elite cycle trainers but integrated with the knowledge of boutique cycle studios and great music, our aim is to offer a utopian environment for exercise where, not only are you optimising every second from a training perspective, but you’re also having amazing fun doing it!

Staying connected with other riders and being able to analyse your data from past training sessions constantly reinforces your enthusiasm, inspiring you to continue and improve.

CicloZone is a true crossover platform, designed to inform and improve your cycling experience. All you have to do is choose your workout, press play and make sure you stay in the zone!

Every CicloZone workout makes sure you work at the right intensity for you for the optimum amount of time to deliver results. Download the app at the App Store or Google Play.

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