“Ciclozone has become an addiction that I absolutely love” – Scott Davies

A band showing brand colours of CicloZone, an indoor cycling app

I’ve been a member of Bluestone Fitness Club for 3 years and mainly did HIIT classes, however being a runner for many years I started to develop knee issues. 

I spoke with a couple of instructors who suggested I try spin. I’d never done spin before so I wasn’t really sure what it was all about other than seeing people emerging from the classes pouring with sweat, however the queue for classes made me think I may need to give it go.

I thought I was fit from the HIIT classes but I emerged from that first class a dribbling mess with legs like jelly. To make it worse there was a board with your bike number and position and although I wasn’t last, my position wasn’t good enough.

So I now had the bug and I attended three 30 minute classes per week. My fitness started to improve and my knees felt better. Then however, Covid came and gyms closed like most of the country.  

No longer able to spin or run I turned to walking the family dog, (that poor dogs never walked so much) and when the tier system came in, I got back to spin, but having been out of the saddle for months, I felt like I was almost starting from scratch again. 

As soon as the gyms opened, they closed almost as quickly. Fortunately Bluestone are nothing if not innovative and always looking for something new to offer its members and planned to introduce virtual spin classes on our return. If I’m honest, I wasn’t keen, but then I’d never attended one of these, so had no idea of what to expect.

This was where I first met Ciclozone!

The first difference was it was 45 minutes not 30 and although this doesn’t seem a lot, I felt the same as I did on my first time I’d ever done spin. 

However, what was different was the coaching during the classes which corrected mistakes I’d been making for months without realising. The variety of classes was another great thing and the with the different instructors, there is always a new challenge.

To quote a couple of the instructors Mel Thomas says “fitness is not your right, you have to earn it” which always makes me work that bit harder and Darren Lee who says “that he’ll get us to the end, but we have to put in the work in to get there”. 

So, Ciclozone has become an addiction that I absolutely love. So much so, that I have decided to invest in a bike and after consulting with Darren Lee he suggested a Keiser M3 which I have picked up today and I have further invested in a Xoss Cadence Sensor so I can track my rides via the app. So now I can do a Ciclozone ride anytime I want

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