Monday Motivation: Sarah Davis – The Quick Calorie Killer and chasing endorphins

Hi Ciclo!

I hope you’ve all been good and enjoying your indoor cycling!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for us; poorly children, Covid tests, filming (that’s another story), school, work, home…… it’s been a battle to get in the saddle. Which is crazy, because in my last blog, I was the one that harped on about GET GOING being the hardest part! Last week especially, as each day passed, I kept saying to myself ‘It’s okay, I still have three days left of this week, so I can still fit in three rides.’

Who was I kidding?! I did one! Kerry was right – she said in her last CicloZone blog – give yourself a pat on the back for doing that one class – it’s better than not doing one at all! And that is just what I would say to someone else, but it’s hard to tell myself – taking your own medicine is so much harder! But it has taught me to be more realistic and not to beat myself up too much. This wasn’t a fail. A fail would have been no classes at all.

But the crazy thing is, that one class – it felt great! I saw one of CicloZone’s recent posts on Instagram about hitting the sweet spot – and I couldn’t agree more!

I tend to spend the first half of a ride thinking ‘urgh, I don’t want to do this’ (isn’t it funny how slowly time goes when you’re doing something you don’t want to do and when you’re having a great time, 15/20/30 minutes goes by in a flash?!) Then the next half of the class I was absolutely buzzing – I’ve figured out that is exactly where the endorphins kick in – between 15-18 minutes through a cycle. I mean, I wish it could be sooner, the buzz seriously spurs be on, I’m like Beyonce in a saddle!

I’d love to know how I can get that buzz sooner into a class, or do I just have to be patient? (not great for a Gemini)

I’ve also found my favourite class – the Quick Calorie Burner. I’m in this gang for the weight loss. Lockdown hasn’t been kind! A class with that name called to me and it does not disappoint! I love the encouragement and passion of Mel Thomas, he’s right up my street. It amazes me how these instructors can keep talking through a class like they’re having a casual chit chat!

I pulled my back yesterday (lifting up a three year old who refused to get up off the floor and leave the house for pre-school would you believe?) I’m waiting for the pain to ease off and then I’m going to try another one of Mel’s classes this week, maybe even a 45-minute class if I can. I am sure he will keep me going!

I wonder if I can get him to record personal motivational phrases for me to listen to each morning?! Mel – what do you say?!!