Monday Motivation: Sarah Davis – No more excuses

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Well hello there fellow Zoners!

May I introduce myself – I’m Sarah, a 40-year-old mum of two, a wife of one and I am your average run of the mill person. I have two jobs (both part time and fit in well around the children). I do NOT exercise – I like to think a 20 min yoga session once a month should see me right and will burn off the copious amounts of chocolate that I eat to help me get through each day – especially during lockdown! I’ve been very much of the ‘hey, we survived another day, lets have some chocolate to celebrate!’ mentality.

And what a surprise…..on goes a stone in weight and I am not feeling good! Urgh. Being older with a slower metabolism is not fun.

I am obsessed with Instagram, and over lockdown I have seen SO many people on this social media platform working out at home. Then I thought – why can’t that be me too? Surely if I buy the bike, the will to exercise will come with it, and immediately half a stone will drop off?

I’m influenced very easily, I have tried many different diets and exercise plans, none of which I stick to because, well, life just gets in the way. I’ve never been really thin, and I’ve never been really fat. But what I do feel now, is unhealthy. It’s time to make a conscious change, set a good example to my children and work on getting into my summer clothes once the warmer days come.

So CicloZone approached me….. and boy am I glad they did! I needed accountability…. I needed someone to report back to – because I am not good at reporting back to myself!

This is the perfect opportunity for me to sort this out, get fitter, get healthier and feel good!

So how is it going so far? Okay, I’ll be honest. I said I would do three classes a week in March. The first week, I made some excuses and managed about 20 minutes. How ridiculous is that? I just couldn’t get into the ‘Zone’ (pun intended). Anyone else feel like this? You just can’t bring yourself to get going? It’s crazy, because you know when you do, you will feel absolutely amazing! BUT IT’S THE GETTING GOING!

Fast forward to this week and I am in LOVE with CicloZone! I got over whatever invisible barrier that was holding me back (also the fact that my husband kept saying ‘If you don’t get on that bike, we are selling it’) I think I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do it. In my head, I believed that the classes would be too much – I mean, look at the trainers – they are all so athletically fit, I can’t keep up with them surely?! Maybe I was just a bit daunted. (And lazy, come to think of it.)

Can I tell you now – to all the beginners – this is not the case! You go find a low COL% class for you (Low 70% ones are good) and go at your own pace. It’s not a competition, no one is judging you, you don’t need to be daunted. As Mel Thomas says – hit the sweet spot and you will feel like you can achieve your goal.

And I do now! I feel that that with these classes and the encouragement that the trainers give, I can feel better, and I can feel healthier, and I can feel fitter.

Okay – I know I’m only two weeks in, but I’m still floating on the serotonin of yesterday’s class! I want to squeeze another one in later today or if not tomorrow, and that, my friends, will be my third class of the week. The goal I had set myself; three classes a week. Easily achievable for an unfit, middle aged, tired and very busy person. How many times have we heard ‘If I can do it, you can!’ Sounds soooooo corny but true! If I come up with a less cheesy line, I will let you know!

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