Monday Motivation: Kerry Orton – Niggles and fitness gains

A band showing brand colours of CicloZone, an indoor cycling app

It’s been around a month now that I’ve been back on it and it’s painful at times – my legs/knee and my lungs – but I’m getting my fitness back, slowly! I’m finding that my lungs are coping better than my legs – they seem to get tired much quicker than I seem out of breath, if that makes sense?

I’m finishing all the classes, regardless of whether they’re 30 minutes or 45, however I really am struggling to stand/jump at a quicker pace, and can only manage around 20-25 seconds. This is my challenge to myself – to finish a class AND complete all the standing sections, at the right pace. 

My shin has begun to hurt where the metal work is in the bone.  I’m seeing the consultant on 29th April to discuss getting this removed.  It’s something I’ve thought long and hard about because I don’t want to take a step back again, just as I feel like I’m getting somewhere!  I’m experiencing a lump in my shin at the bottom of the plate after exercising so am being very sensible with the standing sections for now.  I’ve also been feeling a slight locking sensation on my kneecap on occasion too, so this will need watching carefully and discussing with the consultant again.

In the last month, I’ve worked on the Calorie Killer class (Mel) and also the Intensive Leg and Booty Blast with Rachel.  I’ve found both of these brilliant, with the majority of the class at higher intensity but slightly slower pace – after all, I am trying to build my thigh muscles back up so my legs look even again. 

I say my shin hurts – all of my legs feel like jelly and my lungs like they’re going to burst – but I’m definitely improving. My fitbit readings are proof of that as my heartbeat and breathing are returning to normal faster each time.

I would say that having used a standard indoor cycling bike previously has helped me get into the groove of CicloZone fairly quickly.  I already had a good understanding of how it all worked and am now trying to hit certain speeds when instructed to be in a certain zone – it’s coming together slowly. I might even colour code my little resistance knob too, for when I’m so tired  I can barely think about zones!

I’m now working out two, sometimes three, times a week on the bike and also doing a yoga session to keep well stretched. I’ve made the mistake before of not having a stretch session in my week and my hip flexors didn’t thank me for it at all! I’m also doing a kettlebell session and a cardio toning session but adding  Ciclozone into my week has definitely helped improve my fitness.

If you’re coming back from a knee injury then, in my opinion, CicloZone is great exercise.  Not as intense on the knee joint as squatting or lunging but more of a full leg workout. Personally, I feel quicker and more balanced results in less time and I’m most definitely not a sit on a weights machine type of person.

Now, if only I could only curb the wine drinking at weekends, I’d be sorted…!

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