Monday Motivation: Kerry Orton – Keep on keeping on

A band showing brand colours of CicloZone, an indoor cycling app

Well, I’m still here – still going, still battling through recovery…

Had a few set backs in that I’ve had some weird swelling and lumps appear around my operation site so that’s something up for discussion with the surgeon when I get to see him next.  I’m being sensible though and not going crazy and pushing through any pain: I’m determined to keep this up, I don’t want to be back to square one, so for now I’m at a slower pace than I’d LIKE to be but I’m still going.

I’ve finally discovered the filter on the app, I’ve been able to choose more tempo rides, which I thought might be better/easier. Erm, definitely not the case!  Slightly slower pace – sometimes – but nonetheless, just as hard! That’s the thing with indoor cycling though, you go as hard as you want.

This week I’ve also discovered I can also get ciclozone through my laptop – which in turn is connected to a big screen via HDMI – so there I have it: Darren, full screen, watching with is beady eye!  Watching, just like in real life, giving you just enough encouragement not to let yourself down, allowing you to push yourself to your max – and then go a tiny bit more!

I’m taking two classes a week, trying to make sure I do 45-minute sessions each time.  For me I want to set an achieveable goal – and I want to feel amazing if I fit another 30 minute class in – but for me,  two classes means I can give them both my all.  I’m having enough time in between to recover properly, I’m keeping up with other exercise too (kettlebell class, yoga and a cardio tone class) aside from indoor cycling, which I think is important and helps me keep a good balance.

Am I feeling fitter?  Yes, I actually think I am. 

Do I have data that tells me I’m fitter? Well my fitbit has moved me into the very good to excellent cardio fitness zone (37-41 for my age group) and I’ve actually stayed there for the last two weeks – so I think I’m improving.

I want exercise that I can maintain.  I’ve been through intensive training (marathon) and, while it’s great for a while, it’s certainly not achievable long term and you only end up demotivated once you fall off the training wagon.  By setting achieveable goals, I feel better mentally, putting me in the right mindset to tackle the next class. 

So, if you’re new to CicloZone, coming back after some time off, or you’re like me – recovering from injury, set yourself a realistic target, ease yourself in gradually, give yourself a pat on the back for doing that first class – even if it’s the only one you do that week. It’s better than not doing one at all!

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