Monday Motivation: Kerry Orton – Back with a shock!

After three weeks rest with a niggly injury I’m back.  I’ve been reading about the ‘new’ class – SHOCKWAVE by MT – so thought that would be ideal class to come back with…  Let’s just say I dread to think how I’d have coped with anything tougher!!!  Lots of shock, not much wave from me at least.  Also, CicloZone sent me a t-shirt in the post, so I thought I’d better try it out!

What I can say to all those beginners out there? Give Mel’s classes a try – filter by 30 minutes if needs be.  He’s great at talking you through your form, encouraging you, explaining how each zone should feel, where you should be on the bike, how your body should feel – just little tips and reminders all the way though while encouraging you to ‘push push’!

I’ve really been struggling with my knee injury: the pain in my shin is constant from the operation, it’s affected my foot (which is the reason for the recent lay off), but I’m determined to get back, to get my fitness back!  I love the feeling of being ‘fit’ inside, that my heart is working well, that I can feel fit and not necessarily have to look skinny and lean on the outside but know I have a healthy heart on the inside. 

For me it’s all about balance.  I want to fit CicloZone into my fitness regime, and now the gym classes are opening again I’m hoping the little bits I’ve been doing at home will pay off back in the gym. 

I want to be able to eat and drink what I want (within reason) and know I’ll still be able to do my classes, I want to be able to walk my dog for miles and miles, knowing my body is up to it!  I want to have a healthy heart AND a healthy mind.

For me, CicloZone fits perfectly into my day.  I work from home anyway (have done for the last 10 years), so I can sit around in my gym clothes without any strange looks, I can set the bike up and be working out within 10 minutes, then be back at my desk within the hour – the convenience makes it so much less of a battle mentally – leaving me with all my energy to put through the pedals.

For those out there that keep saying they’ll start, stick with it. I still consider myself a beginner, I’m your typical married 40-odd-year-old (higher end), working mum of older kids with a dog.  I’m not a mad biker, not a mad fitness fanatic – just your average person wanting to be healthy.  

Do what you can do and those little gains will come.  I feel like I’m back at the beginning after 3 weeks off but I KNOW that fitness will slowly creep back and I’ll be boasting about my resting heart rate again very soon.

Until next time…!