Monday Motivation: Kerry Orton – Back in the saddle

A band showing brand colours of CicloZone, an indoor cycling app

By January, I was really feeling the effects of not exercising properly for four months (other than walking – walking I could do for miles and miles – good job, given the crazy spaniel!), the effects of Christmas pigging out, the effects of living a sedentary lifestyle – and just generally wanting to improve my fitness again. Wanting to take it up a level… so, back I went to have a look what CicloZone is all about.

It seemed simple enough so, after a quick DM to Darren to show him our choice of bike and ask if it would be suitable (which he confirmed it was), we were on our way.

I downloaded the app, signed up (in my husband’s name – don’t really know why, maybe to encourage him to get his butt into gear too!) and we completed our first classes.

So, my thoughts after my initial three sessions:

  • Our bike isn’t gym quality – but for now it’s actually OK!  You don’t need to spend thousands of £’s on a top-of-the-range, fully ‘bluetoothed’ bike in order to take part.  We both wear  Fitbits so I’m happy to have the readings from there for now to see how we’re improving over time.
  • Don’t let your husband go through the classes and kindly ‘choose’ one for you!  (He managed to do a 30-minute class for his first one back – picking me a killer of a 45-minute session).
  • In usual Darren style, the classes are SO easy to follow, just keep to the beat (he says, easier said than done with a manky knee!)
  • Invest in some Bluetooth headphones because sweat will drip into your eyes and you won’t be able to see your screen!
  • I’m starting with a couple of sessions a week, using the on demand service (mainly so I can pick what I want to do) and, at the moment, I’m staying safe with the instructor I know.

I don’t know if I’m a bit premature going straight back into this level of exercise only six months post op but I’ll keep you posted.  I’ve certainly felt the benefit fitness wise after only three sessions but my leg, where the metal work sits at the top of my shin, isn’t too fond of the 85-90RPMs standing and I am getting some slight swelling afterwards. It’s almost like the tendon down my shin isn’t happy being asked to put in some proper work after all these months of rest…!

I’ve posted my first three readings from my Fitbit in the blog photo so feel free to take a look. I’m putting the work in but it’s not easy!

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