Monday Motivation: Kerry Orton – back in the saddle and managing expectations

Back in the saddle!  After taking a week out of indoor cycling over Easter and having eating chocolate as my only exercise, I brought myself back into it today with ‘The Slow Burner’ with Mel!  This could be retitled ‘Slow – but equally as difficult – Burner’!  Slightly slower beat for those who, like me, struggle to stand at the faster rpm but that doesn’t really make it ANY easier!  Tough tough and tougher as the class goes on!

I’m still feeling like my knee may buckle on occasions – particularly when my muscles fatigue – so I’m being careful. I know I don’t push my left leg as hard as my right either, but I’m really trying to!

I’m managing to get the RPMs up and the sprints, when seated, with fairly decent resistance on. Just taking my body weight at any great pace is still proving a challenge for me at the moment: Some of it is mind over matter, but years and years of resisting pressure too much on that leg must be in my muscle memory!

The bike I’m using could do with a few more settings to alter it to fit my size better (I’m only 5ft 4”) – ie the handle bars seem a little too far away – but it’s doing ok for me for now. 

I like the ease of it being at home and jumping on for 45 minutes in the middle of the day, logging into CicloZone and picking my ride.  The convenience of it most definitely spurs me on when I’m in a bit of a ‘meh’ mood!

With the gyms now reopening it might be a whole new ball game if I can be bothered to book a session and get onto one of the Bluetooth bikes down there. I could hook up and take my own FTP test!  I’m not sure I’m THAT serious about it though.  For me, it’s about my recovery and my fitness; keeping at it, sticking with my routine, recovering slowly and carefully and seeing those tiny gains on my fitbit will do me for now.