Best Budget Indoor Bikes – JLL IC300

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Let’s jump straight in with the best budget spin bike in this category which is an excellent bit of kit – the JLL IC300 (Amazon UK). Lets look at what makes this cheaper spinner such a good addition to any home gym. It has the feel of riding a mountain bike, but obviously from the comfort of home.

First thing I noticed was the decent sized 18kg flywheel. It’s driven directly via the chain and makes for a smooth workout.   The IC300 has enough oomph for both beginners or experienced users looking for some serious hard work. The design is also something worth mentioning. Glossy black (or white is also available), with red trim and a bit of flare throughout. A lot of thought as gone into the looks.

Nice chunky grips adjust the seat and handle bars and there’s 6 vertical and 10 horizontal seat positions. As it’s quick and easy to change settings, this is a good choice if there’ll be more than one person using this spinning bike at home. A nifty 6-function track computer displays your essentials, such as speed, calories, distance as well as pulse. Compromises have to be made at this price range and the only negative with the IC300 is the display isn’t as fancy as more expensive bikes. But it has the basics.

It is heavy (in a sturdy sort of way) but can be moved thanks to the wheels at the front.

Build wise, it’s as sturdy as you can get, and will suit anyone up to 130kg. You can stand up and hammer away on the pedals as much as you like, the 3 piece crank is as solid and reliable as they come. Impressive for a budget spin bike.

This product also has some superb reviews on amazon, so don’t just take my word for it.

Click here for full reviews on Amazon

There’s really no advantage to choosing a more expensive bike than the budget priced JLL IC300. It’s got a fantastic build quality, a good price and it is a fine addition to any home gym.


Excellent 18kg fly wheel
Solid and sturdy design
Good safety features
Some thought has gone into the striking design
Pulse sensors


The LCD display is basic but OK

SCORE: 4.7/5
Price guide: £419.99

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