Back to the gym! – Kerry Orton

So I’ve taken a different turn now with using the app in that I’m using it to register how well I’m doing in an actual spin class at the gym!  It’s a great tool and I LOVE to see how much time I’m spending in the red zone (not much!).

I desperately need to take an FTP test too (who’d have thought I’d get THIS serious about it) so I can really see how well I’m improving – or not?!  Who knows!  At the minute I’m using an average and am doing pretty well with it – so it would be good to take the proper test!  I did turn it on – to see Darren’s face smiling back at me – and I turned it off again!!!  I think once the gyms are back open as normal I’ll nip in and take the test – there – I’ve said it here now so that’ll make me do it!

Now I’ve hooked myself up to a Bluetooth bike I’m not really wanting to use my bike at home much anymore – so that’s going to be a useful clothes hanging tool for a while I think!  For me now, it’s all about the app and what readings it gives you!

As for my knee/leg recovery – I’m still waiting to see the consultant to have the metal work removed at some point to stop the constant shin splints type pain, but the knee I holding out well and spinning is definitely helping build that thigh muscle back up!

Ciclozone DEFINITELY gave me a head start too in returning to instructor lead classes at the gym – my lungs weren’t QUITE bursting as much as I thought they would be!

So who else is with me in using the app in classes at the gym now?