Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to get the most out of training with CicloZone - the indoor cycling app.

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Who is Darren Lee?

Darren is founder and CEO of CicloZone. A former professional road cyclist, he is passionate about bringing the benefits of power-based cycle training to all. You can read more about him here.


What equipment do I need to use CicloZone?

Just an indoor bike or outdoor bike with trainer, your smart phone or other smart device and that’s it.

What is a ‘trainer’?

Also known as a turbo trainer, in cycling terms, a trainer is a piece of equipment you attach your outdoor bike to in order to turn it into an indoor bike. You can ether attach the bike’s rear wheel or the frame, depending on the trainer you have. Some offer bluetooth connection, others don’t. You’ll get the most out of CicloZone with a bluetooth connection but it’s not essential.

How do I set up my indoor bike?

You can find the CicloZone guide to setting up your indoor bike here.

How do I set up my outdoor bike with trainer?

You can find the CicloZone guide to setting up your outdoor bike with trainer here.

How do I connect to my bike using bluetooth?

Make sure your bluetooth connection is turned on and visible on both your bike/trainer/watt meter and smart device. Then simply pair and connect the devices in the usual way.

What do the different class types mean?

There are currently three different types of class on CicloZone:

  • Performance - cyclist-focussed classes with long intervals. Identified by the chequered flag in the top left of the screen
  • Challenge - more gym-style HIIT classes of high-intensity intervals mixed with lower-intensity recovery period. Identified by the lighting bolt in the top left of the screen
  • Tempo - music and rhythm based classes with less emphasis on intensity and more focus on RPM and cadence. Identified by the music notes in the top left of the screen

How does CicloZone get results?

CicloZone classes are based on the same sports science used by professional athletes around the world. Your body produces energy from one of three energy systems:

  • Aerobic - low-intensity workout system producing power with the use of oxygen
  • Lactate - higher intensity, begin converting glycogen stored in muscles into energy and power
  • Anaerobic - very high intensity, produce energy anaerobically

We all need all three energy systems to be operating effectively to perform at our best

CicloZone uses our knowledge of cadence, intensity and how to identify where your thresholds lie, to activate all three main energy systems during every workout to make sure every second in the saddle counts.

How do i find out which class type is which?

Each class has a symbol in the top left corner of the screen. These are a chequered flag (Performance), a lightening bolt (Challenge) and music notes (Tempo) or you can search in the video search filters for each class type.

I’m new to indoor cycling. How do I choose the right class for me?

We recommend starting out with the Tempo classes to get used to the format and build your fitness before moving on to Challenge and ultimately Performance classes. In the description of each class there is a rating called the CicloZone Output Level (COL). Scored out of 100, the higher the value, the more difficult the class.

I’m an experienced cyclist. How do I choose the right class for me?

Our Performance classes are the most closely based on road cycling training but you may well enjoy Challenge classes too and our Tempo classes are a great option as a lower intensity option for recovery rides. In the description of each class there is also a rating called the CicloZone Output Level (COL). Scored out of 100, the higher the value, the more difficult the class.

I’m a road cyclist - is CicloZone right for me?

Absolutely. While we can never fully re-create the joy of the open road on an indoor bike, CicloZone classes can be used as part of your usual training schedule and really come into their own if you’re looking to build fitness and power over the colder, winter months

I’d like to build a training programme. Is this possible on CicloZone?

We have a series of exciting new features coming soon to the CicloZone app, including the capability to build personalised training plans. Keep your eyes on our website and social media channels for the latest updates.

Can I take CicloZone classes at the gym?

If your local gym or cycle studio has the CicloZone X platform installed then, yes you can ride with classes at your local gym. Your personal CicloZone app will link with CicloZone X to track your data the same as all your other classes.

What is power-based training?

When participating in any exercise your body creates power from its three energy systems, aerobic, lactate and anaerobic. These energy systems have a limit depending on your ability and fitness level. Power-based training is the understanding of these limits and the training required to increase them and become more powerful.

What is FTP?

FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power. Find out more about what that means here.

How do I find out my FTP?

Simply take the short FTP class within the CicloZone app to establish your FTP. You only need to do it once, then the app does the rest.

Why is my FTP important?

Knowing your FTP allows CicloZone to workout how much power you need to generate to workout effectively in each zone.

Can I still use CicloZone without knowing my FTP?

Yes you can. In this case, each workout zone will be based on your Rate of Perceived Exhertion (RPE) as your level of intensity on a scale of 1 to 5. Each level in that scale is a coloured zone on which you will be guided throughout each class.

How do I know which zone I am working in during a CicloZone class?

Once you have taken the FTP test, your app will guide your intensity based on the five coloured zones training system. Your levels are set by your own power ability so you always work hard enough but never too hard to achieve your results.

How do you measure power output during a CicloZone class?

The CicloZone app measures power output by connecting with your bike or turbo/trainer via bluetooth. You can also use watt meters on your pedals to check you are hitting your personal power targets for each zone. If you can’t connect to the app via Bluetooth, you can use RPM and RPE to make sure you’re working out at the correct intensity for each zone.

Do you recommend any particular indoor bikes to use with CicloZone?

CicloZone can be used with any indoor bike. Take a look at our blogs for our guide to the best high-end bikes currently on the market. Our guide to the best budget and mid-range bikes is coming soon.

Do you recommend any particular turbo/trainers to use with CicloZone?

CicloZone can be used with any turbo/trainer including Wahoo, Elite and Tacx. Our guide to what to look out for when choosing a turbo trainer is coming soon.

What do the different colours in the graphics signify?

Each CicloZone workout is based on five training zones used by professional cyclists. Ranging in colour from white to red, the graphics are a visual guide to the zone you should be working in and change throughout the class. To find our more about the science behind CicloZone, click here.

What will CicloZone cost after the initial free trial period ends?

CicloTV membership costs £5.99 (€6.99 / $7.99) per month.

Full CicloZone membership costs £10.99 (€12.99 / $14.99) per month.

Visit our blog for details of what is included.

Do I have to be indoors to use CicloZone?

CicloZone is proud to be the indoor cycling app but, so long as you have network connection, there’s no reason you can’t use it on a static bike outside.

Is CicloZone suitable for children?

Yes. So long as the bike they are riding position is suitable in terms of height and set up of the bike. The class profiles are suitable for all ages with the emphasis for younger riders to be the RPM or cadence rather than the intensity. The CicloZone Tempo classes are ridden in this way.

How do I find out about live classes?

Live classes will show up in the workout list. Make sure you have notifications turned on in the app to receive alerts about new and live classes and follow our social media channels on Instagram and Facebook.

How do I find out about new developments at CicloZone?

Make sure you have notifications turned on in the app to receive alerts about new classes, app developments and so on. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook and sign up for our monthly ebulletin.

What is cadence?

Cadence is the speed at which you turn the pedals.

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