CicloZone is the science-driven, personalised indoor cycling app that makes every second count.

Created by a former professional cyclist, CicloZone brings all the best features of group cycling classes to your home with no need for flashy equipment or expensive gym memberships.

Each CicloZone workout is designed and presented by our master trainers and tailored to your personal fitness levels. Just download the app to your mobile, tablet or smart device, create your profile, connect your bike and you’re off.

Man on Bike

Informed by performance sports science, CicloZone gets you cycling in five training zones for the optimal length of time to deliver great results.

Simply enter your FTP during set-up, or take a quick, one-off test to assess your current fitness levels, and the app does the rest. Then choose a class, adjust your tempo, power or intensity as guided by your instructor, and enjoy the gains!

In-class performance data and personalised post-workout summaries allow you to easily monitor your progress and, better still, CicloZone constantly monitors your ‘real world’ performance so your FTP and training zones adjust as you progress.

Whether you’re a keen road racer or simply looking for a fun way to improve your fitness, you can rest assured you’ll always be cycling at the right level for you.

CicloZone’s extensive library of on-demand and live-streamed, instructor-led workouts include Performance, Challenge or Tempo classes to suit your mood.

Ranging from 30-60 minutes, they combine great music and all the fun of group cycling with personalised data and encouragement to optimise your performance.

Are you ready to get in the zone?

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