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Keto Part 3- How to use it! (Darren Lee)

In this third and final instalment of Darren Lee's Keto blog series, he dives into how to implement the Keto diet and how it affects your body.

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Keto Part 2- Is it for you? - Darren Lee

In the second instalment to Darren's Keto blog series, he begins to list the main challenges that Keto poses for cyclists and outlines whether of not it's the right nutritional plan for you.

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The cyclist diet 'Keto' - Darren Lee

Darren Lee discusses how his move to Southern Spain changed his attitude to foods and his understanding of nutrition forever as he explores the 'Keto' diet and how it forces your body into using a different type of fuel and its impact on training.

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Nutrition Part 2 - How many Calories

Following on from Darren Lee's first nutritional piece, here he discusses calories... how many you should consume, the kind of calories and when to consume them.

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Nutrition - Where to begin

As with most physical exercise regimes and training programs, the actual work you put in is only part of the journey. Darren Lee is here to talk us through where to begin when thinking about nutrition and shares three simple nutritional tips to a healthy lifestyle.

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My COVID experience PART 2 - Darren Lee

CicloZone founder and CEO Darren Lee follows up his first post-COVID vaccination blog to talk to us about his health and fitness journey after contracting COVID over the winter.

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Cycling for my Mental Health - Darren Lee

Darren Lee talks us through how cycling has positively affected his mental health and the moment he realised that cycling has been keeping anxiety and stress at bay

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My COVID vaccine experience - Darren Lee

CicloZone founder and CEO Darren Lee outline his experience with the COVID vaccine, and talks about how consistent training is key to fitness and health

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51 Resons to Ride a Bike - Darren Lee

CicloZone founder and CEO Darren Lee outlines the various benefits of riding a bike including physical health and fitness, mental well being, and many more

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Back to the gym! - Kerry Orton

In her post-op recovery phase, Kerry Orton is finally back at the gym and using the CicloZone app o register how well she's doing in an actual spin class

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Monday Motivation: Kerry Orton - Back with a shock!

After three weeks out due to an injury, Kerry Orton is back on her indoor cycle, continuing her post-op rehab journey & enjoying Mel Thomas' new class- Shockwave

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Monday Motivation: Kerry Orton - injured again!

Kerry Orton has had a great streak in her post-op rehab journey, but another injury has put a temporary stop to her cycling workouts with CicloZone classes.

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Health: Keeping fit in a pandemic

Here are simple tips for a safe and gentle return to the gym, since it is really important to ensure your body is prepared and ready for the demands of the gym

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Monday Motivation: Kerry Orton - back in the saddle and managing expectations

Kerry Orton provides an update on her post-op cycling regimen, how she is keeping it real and celebrating the small gains, and awaiting her own FTP test.

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The health benefits of cycling

Here are some proven health benefits a regular workout on two wheels can bring to both the body & the mind including cardiovascular health, weight loss & more

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Anti-ageing? Really?! Why you should cycle with CicloZone

CicloZone CEO Darren Lee saw firsthand the anti-ageing benefits of cycling and how it inspired him to create CicloZone to help others achieve their fitness goals

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Monday Motivation: Kerry Orton - Niggles and fitness gains

Making a comeback after a knee surgery, Kerry Orton considers CicloZone a great way to get a full-leg workout while also achieving her overall fitness goals

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Monday Motivation: Kerry Orton - Back in the saddle

Kerry Orton shared her early progress during the post-surgery rehab phase when she started using CicloZone after an extended period of no fitness activity.

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Wednesday Wisdom: Gareth Winter - Wake up call

Gareth Winter got obsessed with low body weight to become a fast cyclist, only to lose power. He woke up when CicloZone's FTP test showed how low his output was.

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Monday Motivation: Kerry Orton - on the recovery trail

After dislocating her knee, and hurting her back in a car accident, Kerry Orton takes us along on a journey to recovery and getting back on the indoor bike.

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World Diabetes Day

On World Diabetes Day, let's take a look at how activity in general, and cycling in particular, can help you prevent or manage diabetes effectively.

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Why ride a bike?

CicloZone founder and Elite Road Racer explains how our bodies respond to exercise and why you should ride a bike and become a part of the Cycle Revolution!

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