In-app FTP test and ride data is LIVE!


We're delighted to announce that in-app FTP testing and ride data is now live!

This means you will now be able to take a short in-app test to establish your Functional Threshold Power (FTP), which is used to establish your personalised performance metrics. These allow you to identify which training zone you are working in at any point during your workout.  

Personalised performance data will also now be available to view in real time during each class. Riders will also receive a one-page report at the end of each class, providing a breakdown of your performance and allowing you to review your workout and track progress.

Darren Lee, founder and CEO of CicloZone, says: “When we created CicloZone, we were determined to create an app that would allow cyclists of all abilities to benefit from the same performance sports science used by cycling teams around the world.

“Each class is designed to activate the body’s three main energy systems, working across five training zones for the optimal amount of time to prompt the physiological changes required to deliver results.

“Crucially, each zone is personalised to the abilities of the individual rider, allowing cyclists of all abilities to rider together in the same class.

“For example, the power output or RPM required to workout in the red zone - CicloZone’s hardest effort zone - is vastly different for a professional cyclist or keen amateur than for someone just starting out on their fitness journey. By establishing each rider’s FTP, CicloZone can identify the power output needed to work effectively in each zone for each rider, guiding them to ride at the right level for them in every workout. This means cyclists of all abilities can take part in our classes and, by riding at the right level for them, achieve real performance gains.”

Each CicloZone class works across five, colour-coded training zones similar to those used by professional road cyclists. On-screen, responsive graphics act as a visual guide to help riders workout in the correct zone by matching the colour of the central CicloZone graphic, which responds to your output, with the background colour for that zone.

Classes are also set to a tailor-made soundtrack, mixed to match the required RPM for each workout zone, allowing riders with non bluetooth-connected bikes to take part. Performance can also be measured through heart rate or Perceived Exertion Rate.

Darren continues: “The in-app FTP test and in-class data mean we can now personalise the experience for each and every rider and I'm delighted these features are now live. To celebrate, we're offering both new and existing CicloZone members a free month’s access to the app during February, after which prices will start from just £5.99 per month.

“With new classes going live every week, proven master trainers joining the team and exciting new tech releases coming soon, we’re confident that CicloZone’s library of Performance, Challenge and Tempo classes will offer something for everyone looking to work out at home, whatever their ability, mood or timetable.”

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